Thursday, July 3, 2014

You look familiar...

When you have as many horses as we do on HI2, you're bound to occasionally catch a wild that matches one of yours in breed and color. We have seen this over the past few months. However, what we've seen with dark dapple gray Irish Draughts seems... more than coincidental.

It all started with Palladium, the first 6/6 horse that I ever caught. 

Felicity found the second.

Felicity also found the third (but called me to come catch it)

And Bethany found the fourth (but switched from December to Pal for the screenshot).

The color rarity for dark dapple gray in the Irish Draught is 4.4%. That means that supposedly only 4.4% of all spawned Irish Draughts are dark dapple gray. We've spotted 10 total wild Irish Draughts in all of our time of playing HI2 so far, which means 40% of the ones we've seen have been dark dapple gray. Weird.

Here is a closer look at each horse:

Pal from Twin Rivers <3
Stallion from Chilly Forest
Mare from Twin Rivers
Stallion #2 from Twin Rivers

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