Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Isabelle's Stuff

American Girl has released quite a bit off stuff to go along with Isabelle, their 2014 Girl of the Year doll. We've put off posting about it for quite a long time because we have not been very impressed, but we were motivated to finally get it done today. Here it all is, along with our comments.

accessories - $30
I'm not a fan of the asymmetric zipper on the jacket, but at least it's not more pink. I think fingerless gloves are pretty much pointless to begin with, so I'm not a fan of them either. The other accessories are nice, and I really like that hair decoration.

pajamas - $24
I like the purple top, though I wish the straps were slightly wider so that they covered all of the cloth of our shoulders. I cannot stand the bottoms, however. Either make it pants or make it a skirt. The flaps of sort-of skirt make me cringe. So does the clashing headband.
metallic dress - $34
I am not a fan of the weird asymmetric dress over the t-shirt look. I'd describe this outfit as hodgepodge and sloppy.
performance set - $38
AKA the semi-goth ballerina outfit. I do not like the combination of ultra-girly with black athletic gear. Two thumbs down from me.
dance barre - $65
For all the ballet loving dolls out there, I'm sure this would be fun. It seems pretty pricey for what you actually get, but hopefully it's good quality.
dance case - $44
The stuff that comes in this would be fun to try out on our hair. No way would I pay $44 for it and its fancy case, though.

studio - $275
This studio would make a great backdrop while playing if you are into fashion design. Way too pricy for me to ever consider it, but the detail is impressive.
Tutu the kitten - $22
 Of course Isabelle's pet would be a fluffy white kitten. XD No surprise here. At least she's cute.
Next up: a bunch of mix and match pieces sold separately

coral sweater - $14
The material and color are nice, but I don't like the huge neck hole or the asymmetric hem of this sweater at all.
wrap sweater - $14
Sorry, but I can't stand little crop shirts like this layered over other stuff. They just plain look goofy to me. Either wear a normal-length sweater or don't bother.
purple leotard - $12
Not my favorite design for a leotard, but the color scheme is fine.
rosette leotard - $10
Eh. This is kind of mature in cut for something a young girl would wear (suggesting curves where there aren't really any yet...) I guess this is the norm for dance wear? At least AG's.
practice top - $8
*Gags* You wouldn't catch me wearing this in a million years.
dance skirt - $12
Yay, something I actually like! Such pretty sequins, and the bow is the perfect finishing touch. If I was a ballerina, I'd love to wear this over my leotard.
funky leggings - $12
They're funky alright. The left leg I don't mind, but that bow... Not only does it look weird, but can you imagine how annoying it would get? I'd no doubt get it caught on something within the first few minutes of wearing them.
sparkly skort - $12
Are those cupcakes? I would have chosen a different, more dance-appropriate design (maybe stars or sparkles?), but otherwise I don't really mind it.
scrunch pants - $12
I like the color of these, and what a pretty waistband! It looks odd to only have one pant leg scrunched, though. If I was going to wear them, I'd scrunch up the other leg too.

tutu - $14
It's a shimmery tutu. I've never had any desire to wear one, but for the ballerinas out there that like them, this one is fine as far as tutus go.

legwarmers - $12
If you want to keep your legs warm, these will do the job. I think leg warmers in general are kind of silly. I'd much rather either deal with cold legs or wear pants, but for ballerinas who must wear leotards, I suppose they make sense.

In summary, if you are into ballet, the colors purple and pink, and asymmetric styles, then Isabelle's wardrobe is for you. If not, you can heave a heavy sigh, shake your head, and wait for next year. That's what we've been doing. ;)


  1. I love your blog! I am Skyscraper on Eternal and was wondering if you could go wild hunting with me? Mail me!

    1. Thank you, Khione! I sent you a letter on Eternal. =)