Saturday, August 2, 2014

Judo and Poseidon

Well, at least we lasted until August 1 to take on horse #52. We have as many as a full deck of cards now. I was online when our club leader caught this guy on Grass Isle on the 31st. She didn't want him, but I couldn't resist. My worries that he would have trouble being accepted into the herd because of his difficult personality turned out to be unfounded. He and my dapple gray Westphalian mare, Flora, took an immediate shine to each other. He is an inch shorter than Flora, but that doesn't seem to bother either horse in the slightest.
I have named him Judo in honor of my Mom's dad. His birthday was on the 30th, and he achieved a black belt in judo. ;^)

Judo's avatar looks pretty much how I expected it to. I love those rusty dapples!
This week was also a big one because we started Poseidon's Quest. It is an especially long, expensive, and difficult one, so we have been putting it off for quite some time. One of our buddies was starting it, which finally gave us the push we needed to start it as well. Hopefully we'll be able to do parts of it together.
In order to satisfy Poseidon's guardian, one must show him a full set of 4* tack. A full set of 4* tack costs 10.5 million dollars, and if that's not bad enough, the guardian then takes one of the tack pieces. I chose the Expedition Set. It seemed the most versatile because it boosts all stat categories equally. And it looks pretty cool, I must say.
I had Fortunado model the set because he looks so spiffy in green. The tack is even more impressive when you can see it sparkling on HI2.
Now that we had the tack, we had to make the long journey to see Poseidon. I decided to ride Onyx, since he loves being part of important quests. The first step was to get to the Decay Isle graveyard.  
Clicking on the shovel dumped me into the Haunted Tunnel. A better name for it might be Spider Tunnel. It's crawling with them!
Haunted Tunnel lets out in the Lost Isle Haunted House. Luckily, we have carefully mapped out the maze of rooms to get us out onto Lost Isle without getting lost.
Finally, we emerged on Lost Isle and presented our 4* tack to the guardian. I thought for sure he would take the saddle, the most expensive piece. Luck was with me for once in my life. He took the cheapest piece, the saddle pad! Hooray!!!
The guardian allowed Pepsi into Lost Reef. It took ages to slow-mo walk all the way through it to Poseidon's Abode (the dark circle on the mini map).
Finally, Pepsi reached the magnificent Poseidon.

We began Poseidon's Environmental Challenge, the first of 3 difficult challenges. We have to search all of the reefs on HI2 for 10 inkwells hidden near shipwreck fragments. Felicity took over and searched all of the enormous Lost Reef for the first inkwell. She also searched all of the comparatively small Harbor Reef for the second. Only 8 more inkwells to go! I see lots of nori and pearl necklaces in our future...

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