Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thanks again, Harbor Isle

Harbor Isle just keeps on giving. Flora and I found two wild horses on it yesterday. The first was this lovely Furioso.

Even though the Furioso's artwork isn't as special as many of the newer breeds, I've always rather liked the look of them. This mare's cute markings and "My Buddy" persona made her extra appealing. Too bad her stats weren't more impressive.

Then we rode east and found Harbor wild #2. As usual, I thought, Ooh, a pretty pinto! Please be awesome! 

She was! 

6/6 and +98. That makes her the 3rd best horse stat-wise we have ever caught. (Balderdash the New Forest mare still reigns supreme as +110, and Vinca the Newfie mare is 2nd as +104.)

Of course she would be a mare, when the next horse I get needs to be a stallion to keep my gender ratio even. That means either Bethany or Julie get to keep her rather than yours truly. Oh well, I have a wonderful draftie already. Love you, Solitaire! <3

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