Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Horse Flute at Last

On Friday, August 15, all 4 of us teamed up together to answer the 5 questions about Esroh lore, the final part of Poseidon's quest. Even after having just read the lore the night before, we weren't always 100% certain of the answers. Thank goodness for the help site, Esroh Legends, for posting the stories of the Esrohs! We consulted them on every question to be safe. With 100k on the line, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry!

In our nervous excitement, we neglected to take screenshots of the 5 test questions. They went something like this, if you're curious:

1. In which land formation did the Esrohs find themselves trapped in Athena's story?
Answer: canyon

2. According to Apollo, "Suppleness with time comes, not with ____."
Answer: spurs

3. What is the name of the horse Apollo talks to in his story?
Answer: StarFire

4. What parts of Hera's body became worn in her story?
Answer: hooves

5. In Artemis's story, what kind of animal did the Esrohs raise?
Answer: stag
Why would you ever choose option 2?!
Ah, so that's what was in one of those mysterious chests!
Pepsi travelled out of the reef, back through the decay isles, through Dry Isle, through Narrowed Isle, and finally to Chilly Forest Isle to use the flute for the first time. Why Chilly Forest Isle? Well, most of our favorite breeds come from grassy terrain, and we needed blueberries. Chilly Forest's harvestable items were mostly already harvested when Pepsi arrived, but there are so many blueberry bushes that Pepsi had no trouble picking as many as we needed.

Before fluting our first wild, we had Pepsi switch to Galileo, the first wild horse we ever caught. We hoped he would bring us good luck. 
Oh, the suspense! 
He didn't appear where we planned. XD
We caught the attention of a brown Lusitano! Felicity lassoed him, and we held our breath as we went to look at him close up.

Triple strikeout: common color, poor stats, and undesirable personality
Well, he's no Galileo. Kind of cute, but not special enough to justify keeping him. We should have known better than to expect our first fluted wild to be as wonderful as Galileo. ;^)

All the same, because he was our first, we decided to retire him to our Millennium Fields. We named him August. =)

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