Tuesday, August 12, 2014


My sisters and I just finished listening to a series of books on CD, the last of which involved an ancient city disappearing into the ocean...

(the 6th and final book in the series)
... so I guess the timing of Pepsi's journey to Atlantis couldn't have been better timed.

I'd always wondered what that grid-like thing was on the HI2 map. Now I know: Atlantis! Of course, the big drawback to an underwater city is that you can't ride horses through it. Off Pepsi went in underwater slow-mo.

Finding the chests of bounty without getting lost was easy thanks to the map. The chests all looked alike and did not change in appearance when Pepsi collected the bounty. What was this "bounty," I wonder? Poseidon never got specific.

More entertaining than the golden chests, columns, and slabs of stone were the random statues. 
Oh dear. This is awkward. XD
I kept my eye out for the top halves of these. Nope.
It it just me, or does it look like she's awfully close to a wardrobe malfunction?
Wow. That's a big foot.
Once Pepsi had collected all 12 chests, she returned to Poseidon. Second task complete!

Ah, the dreaded third and final task. Since I didn't have $100k on hand and hadn't read the Esroh Lore lately, I decided to click the X and be on my way. I'm happy to let one of my sisters tackle this one later. ;^)

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