Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bethany Meets Skyscraper

On Tuesday, Uno and I met up with Skyscraper, a fellow HI2 player and blogger, to go wild hunting. We were both pressed for time, so there was not a minute to lose. She arrived at the ranch, and from there we agreed to travel to Stem Isle.
Uno getting up close and personal. XD
Posing for a screenshot. ;)
We cantered down to the far east end of Stem to begin our search. It was a good sign to find this buried treasure - it meant that most likely nobody had ridden here in a while. Skyscraper let me dig it up. It was 11k!

Just seconds after finding the treasure, we found a wild British Spotted Pony! Skyscraper caught her, a 14 hand brown leopard mare, if my memory's correct. She is the largest BSP wild I've ever seen!

Unfortunately, Skyscraper had run out of time and logged out shortly afterwards. I had just enough time to search the rest of the isle before I had to log out myself. Guess what I found just a minute or two later? Another brown leopard BSP! I could hardly believe it!
Deja Vu
I guessed that mine would be tiny, and I was right. Only 8.2 hands! 

A little farther on, I found one more wild pony, a dark bay Fell stallion with quite the winning personality (not). He was cute, though. 

I sure had fun, as brief as our adventure was. Hopefully we'll see more of Skyscraper in the future! =)


  1. Aw thanks! Sorry I had to leave! Maybe we can schedule another meeting time? Maybe sometime on Sunday?

  2. Oops... Sunday is long gone. It's obviously been a few days since we checked the blog for comments...

    It would be fun to meet up again. We're often free from 16:00 to 19:00 HI2 time on non-Thursday weeknights. Or maybe this coming Saturday sometime?