Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bethany Strikes Again

Well, we only made it two days into September before we found a horse we just had to have. Or, rather, a horse Bethany thought we just had to have. She sure has a gift for finding 6/6 livery horses.

This time, her find was a Kinsky. None of us have ever come across a nice Kinsky before. Not one that was inexpensive enough for us to consider buying it, anyway. (I have trained my sisters well in that department. ;)) This stallion was a wild horse who was caught by a subscribed player on Labor Day. That player then surrendered him to the livery the very next day! I wonder if she knew what a great horse he was when she did it?

Since I caught the 6/6 Spotted Draft Horse mare and gave it to Bethany, she returned the favor by giving this guy to me. He may be a loafer and a hermit, but at least he's chill and go-with-the-flow about it. I'm excited to try him out in the jumping arena once he's trained.

His avatar is a surprisingly light shade of brown. I was expecting him to be similar in color to black chestnut sabino Galileo, whose avatar is nearly black. Instead, he is almost the same shade of brown as Bethany's brown mare Umber. Good thing they have different colored hooves!

The Kinsky
Coincidentally enough, the Kinsky's capturer randomly PMed me yesterday when Zephyr and I were on Harbor Isle. Paranoid me thought she had tracked me down and was going to say something about the Kinsky, but no. She was only asking if there were any wild horses on Harbor. XD (There weren't, other than the Abaco Barb I had just fluted and lassoed.) When I told her I had adopted the Kinsky and that he said hi, she didn't have much to say in response. I'm guessing she didn't know he was worth more than your average wild, but no way was I going to ask...

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