Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Art Fair Finds

Mom went to an arts and crafts fair last weekend. There was all kinds of fun stuff to look at, from jewelry to wall art to giant cattail wind chimes. There also happened to be a booth selling homemade 18" doll clothes. Mom was drawn there like a moth to a flame. She couldn't decide whether she liked the crocheted dresses or the cotton dresses better, so she ended up getting both. She returned home $34 poorer and surprised each of us with a new dress! Pretty good, when you consider that American Girl typically charges upwards of $30 for just one outfit.
We decided to model our dresses that same afternoon. The lighting in the backyard was kind of funky at the time, so we opted to take our little fashion show to Mom's room instead.
My dress caught Mom's eye first. She loved the aqua and chocolate brown print, and so do I!

This lime green polka dot dress looks like it was made for Felicity - it perfectly matches her eyes. Her birthstone also happens to be the diamond. I've never seen Felicity so pleased to put on a dress. =)

Grandma was the one to find Julie's dress. Normally Mom is not a huge fan of brown clothing, but this particular shade with its subtle gold sparkles spoke to her. I think it looks lovely on Julie. It brings out the rusty undertones in her beautiful brown eyes.

And finally, Mom selected this crocheted dress for Lily. It doesn't get much more "Lily" than sky blue with a flower. XD The dress ended up having more of a drop waist than Mom was expecting, but Lily can still totally rock it.

I will leave you with this group shot. Looking good, ladies! <3

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