Saturday, September 27, 2014

Double Surprise on Harbor

Last Saturday, Icing and I were on Narrowed Isle. When I checked the map of players online, no one showed up on Harbor Isle or in Harbor Reef. So, off we went to Harbor Isle to use the magic flute. I met no one in the reef, but when I popped out onto Harbor Isle, surprise! A gray horse with another player aboard was standing several strides away. Either the player had just logged on after a prior logout from Harbor (we do that frequently), or she'd been lurking in Hep's abode. Using the flute there was out. The other player just stood there, though, so I decided to take a quick look around before heading back out.

I began to circle the beach clockwise, and immediately, I found a chestnut wild horse! I didn't look to see what breed it was or even attempt a screenshot, because suddenly the other player came to life and began cantering after us. Luckily, I was able to click the capture button first.

It was, surprise, surprise, yet another Morab. (Not that any of us would ever complain. Their artwork is gorgeous!) This particular Morab was a 5/6 stallion. That one negative stat made me think, oh, you're pretty nice, but we probably don't need you. Then I noticed that all 4 of the positive stats were in the 20's and quickly did the math. It turns out he's +100 overall. Wow! That makes him the third highest stat horse we've ever caught - he surpasses all of our 6/6 horses except for our super ponies, +110 Balderdash and +104 Vinca.

I wish he had a marking on his face to go with those cute mismatched socks. Oh well. 
Hee hee. We caught him with his eyes shut. XD
Felicity made it clear that she really wanted this guy. She already had a name picked out and everything, so I let her have him even though she already has a Morab stallion. Say hello to Rally.

His rusty mane and tail will make him stand out from the crowd.
This means PepsiSummer has collected 4 great Morabs now, all of them wilds caught by us on Harbor Isle. :)
1. Brio - Felicity's
2. Umber - Bethany's
3. Petra - Julie's
4. Rally - Felicity's

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