Saturday, October 4, 2014

ArtPrize is here!

Hi all. Lily here. As the most artistic of my sisters, they told me to make this post.

ArtPrize, a huge art competition, is in full swing once again. It takes over downtown Grand Rapids for a few weeks every fall, and every year it seems to get bigger. The public not only gets to view as much of the art as it wants for free, but it also gets to vote to determine the winners. A panel of art experts also gets its say and awards separate prizes.  

Here's a little promo video from last year. (This year's is rather long.) I can't for the life of me get it to center. x_x

Next weekend, I will probably make a post about my favorite pieces from this year's ArtPrize like I did last year, but in the meantime I decided I may as well get into the ArtPrize spirit and post some artwork of my own. You can click on them for a larger view.

The first one depicts our second set of Horse Isle 2 horses: Solitaire the Jutland, Nightshade the American Mustang, Lysithea the APH, and Arion the Thessalian.

The second picture is of our third set of Horse Isle 2 horses: Flora the Westphalian, Fortunado the Spanish Barb, Kestrel the Australian Brumby, and Vinca the Newfoundland Pony. The things that sort of look like piles of leaves in the left part of the background are supposed to be tree-covered hillsides. Backgrounds aren't my strong suit, but I try, lol. I have much more fun with the horses. Too bad they look silly floating in white space. XD

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