Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Is Our Flute Magic?

It was my turn to use Poseidon's flute on Sunday afternoon, which summoned to us our 40th fluted horse. One look at the wild horse that appeared, and I was pretty sure it was a Don. We've found quite a few of them in this particular color, golden chestnut, since it's the most common color for the breed. Sure enough, down below it informed me that, "Thanks to Poseidon, your horse call caught a Don's attention." Xenon wasn't about to let her escape, as you can see.

A few seconds later, and we were the proud capturers of the first 6/6 horse our flute has ever lured for us. Another mare, naturally.

This mare is doubly special because, as you may recall from that earlier post about Windy, a very memorable dream horse of Mom's was a golden chestnut Don. It's a bit eerie, really, that a golden chestnut Don would be the first fine horse our flute gave us. Eerie but appropriate. =)

Our Don isn't an exact replica of mom's "Wendy," but she does have striking similarities: 3 white feet, a metallic coat, and a wispy mane. 

Our first ride
I considered selling Windy (my black Don mare) and instituting the new Don in her place with her name, but that seemed rather harsh. Poor Windy can't help her coat color, and her stats and personality trump this new mare's. So, both mares will stay, and Lily has claimed the new mare. (Interesting side note: like our two Warlander mares Yetta and Hazel, these Dons are an exact match in height and weight.)

Since "Wendy" doesn't make it through HI2's filter and "Windy" is taken, Lily's a bit stumped on what to name her. I suggested "Eerie." Julie suggested "Wispy." Bethany suggested "Anya." None of these struck Lily immediately, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what she decides.

These two skittish mares are already becoming fast friends. <3 

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