Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clingy Indeed

So... the flute brought Lily and Onyx this Sicilian mare back on the 18th. It was the 53rd time Pepsi used the flute, for the record.
Mmm, minty fresh!
As you can see, her avatar is a pleasing cinnamon shade with dapples. She's cute in her profile too, despite her mismatched socks and lack of a facial marking.
Miss Sicilian's stats add up to +81. Not bad at all! If she was a stallion, we'd have kept her without a second thought. Thanks to those two 6/6 Don mares, we're already two stallions short of having an equal number of both genders.

If it was up to Lily, the mare would already have been surrendered to the HA. I do see where she's coming from. We already have a surplus of mares, this mare is a common color, and it's not like we are at all lacking in skittish, lazy horses. XD

The rest of us have felt more torn. After all, we have no Sicilians in our herd yet, and she is the highest stat Sicilian we have ever caught. Hence, she's been hanging around since the 18th while we tried to decide. This afternoon, I let myself get all sentimental and imagined how it might shatter her already fragile psyche to surrender or sell her now that she's had time to settle into life with us.

What did I do next? I sealed the deal by naming her. No turning back now - she is ours. Her namesake is an active volcano on a small island off the coast of Sicily: Stromboli. Stromboli also happens to be one of my favorite Italian foods. ;^)

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