Saturday, September 20, 2014

6/6 Captures: The First 20

Here is the list of our first 20 6/6 wild horses. I think it's fun to look for patterns. 

Here are some of the interesting things I noticed:
  • We seem to have a knack for catching 6/6 ponies, while 6/6 drafts have been more elusive. 8/20 were pony breeds but only 2/20 were drafts.
  • The only duplicate coat color in the list is white gray, from our look-alike New Forest Pony mares Jess and Dash.
  • Our shortest 6/6 wild was Pepsi the Shetland (8.3 hands), while our tallest was Pal the Irish Draught (16.3 hands).
  • Exactly half of our 6/6 wilds were technically pony-sized (under 14.3 hands).
  • Even though we've been finding more 6/6 mares than stallions lately, the tallies of both came out nearly even. 11 were stallions and 9 were mares. 
  • All three of the 6/6 horses we did not keep (#1, #3, and #8) were stallions.
  • We've found the most 6/6 horses on Harbor Isle: 4. Not surprising, as often as we visit. ;). Petal Isle has also been a hotspot for us even though we don't visit it as often - we've found 3 6/6 wild ponies there.
  • We have captured at least one 6/6 wild on all of the terrain types except for snowy.
  • October of 2013 was our luckiest month by far for finding 6/6 wilds. We found 5, and 2 were on the same day!
  • We haven't found a 6/6 wild yet in March, April, or December. 
  • Lily and I tied for the most 6/6 wild horses caught: 6. Bethany was a close second with 5. Felicity brought up the rear with only 3. XD
  • Flora has been Lily's mount for 4 of her 6 lucky captures. She's definitely Lily's luckiest horse. :)
Since this post is lacking in color so far, enjoy this visual representation of our 6/6 beauties:

1. Pepsi (CandyNutmeg's)
2. Kestrel (Bethany's)
3. Grade Draft Horse (auctioned)
4. Zephyr (Lily's)
5. Mistral (Bethany's)
6. Vinca (Felicity's)
7. Palladium (Julie's) 
8. Myrrh (auctioned)
9. Brio (Felicity's)
10. Jessamine (Lily's)
11. Xenon (Felicity's)
12. Umber (Bethany's)
13. Napoleon (Julie's)
14. Balderdash (Lily's)
15. Zesty (Lily's) 
16. Dasani (Bethany's)
17. Vaquero (Julie's)
18. Xanadu (Julie's)
19. Della (Bethany's)
20. Windy (Felicity's)

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