Sunday, September 14, 2014


We visit Narrowed Isle quite a bit because the NarrowTon general store pays the most to take surplus items off Pepsi's hands. While we're there anyway, it's become part of the routine to travel out to Harbor Isle to loot the reef and check for wild horses. At least half the time the isle is wild-less, but there are also days when we find multiple wilds. As it doesn't cost anything but a boring slow-mo walk to get to Harbor from Narrowed, we can't really complain no matter what we find once we get there.

On Friday, I set out to Harbor with Esker and found two wild horses roaming it. The first, a pretty palomino tobiano Warlander mare, ended up having the Troglodyte persona. That one made me chuckle. =)
troglodyte |ˈträgləˌdīt|
noun(esp. in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave.
• a hermit.• person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.
Someday I so want to find a horse with this persona in the mountains...

The second was this black Don. Not just any Don, but a 6/6 +81 mare. She also happens to be the 20th 6/6 wild to be captured by PepsiSummer.

Interesting side note: I found this Don exactly a year after I found the first 6/6 wild horse we decided to keep, my beloved Kestrel. <3 Hooray for September 12!

I'll admit, at first glance I was pleased but not exactly thrilled. We have 3 black equines already and a surplus of mares right now besides. And let's face it: HI2's Dons are not going to win any beauty contests.

But then I remembered Wendy. Flashback to years ago. Mom was a young girl poring over her first (and even then quite outdated) horse breed handbook: ogling each horse photo, trying to make sense of horsey jargon, and mispronouncing breed names like crazy. On one long car trip, she remembers naming her favorite horse on each page. Of all of the horses, her favorite was the Don, a gleaming metallic chestnut with a flowing mane and tail. She gave it what was then her absolute favorite name, Wendy, ignoring the fact that the horse was male. XD Wendy was one of her first dream horses.

Our scanner refused to scan the photos nicely. x_x
Needless to say, I think all 4 of us have a soft spot in our hearts for Dons. It would seem wrong not to keep the best Don we have ever come across on HI2. In looks, she may be a far cry from Wendy the magnificent, but her markings and personality are pretty cute. Since she is not the right color to be Wendy, we have decided to call her Windy.

This means we now have 4 black equines: 2 stallions and 2 mares. None of them have exactly the same avatar, thank goodness. We'll probably ride them with their halters on most of the time to avoid confusion all the same.

Nightshade: brown hooves
December: black hooves
Onyx: dark brown hooves, blacker
Windy: dark brown hooves, grayer
I haven't decided yet whether I will keep Windy for myself or give her to the one sister who doesn't have a black horse yet, Felicity. Hmm...

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