Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We're back! 

Mom and the rest of the humans were gone on vacation from the 13th through the 20th. Even the family dog was at the kennel, so we dolls literally had the place to ourselves. My sisters and I took a vacation of our own while they were away and went camping in the backyard with our dogs and horses. I guess it wasn't technically camping, since we slept in the shed. But at any rate, we spent our days outside and took a hiatus from TV, ipods, and our laptops.

The night before our vacation began, Horse #51 joined our herd. Forgive me, sisters. I can explain.

In one of the first horsey computer games I ever played, Horse Illustrated: Championship season, there was a stable with 5 stalls in it. You start out with a handsome old pinto named Barney. As much as I liked him, was I ever excited to unlock the second stall! It contained a light gray Welsh Cob mare named My Lovely Thistle. She was lovely... and a bit roly-poly. Ever since, I've been fond of Welsh Cobs. 

Back when we first started playing HI2, one of the first wild horses we caught was this Welsh Cob mare:

I thought she was adorable, but she had to go. We didn't have any slots to spare back then, and her stats were lousy. Since then, I've kept an eye out for Welsh Cobs the same way Felicity did for Nez Perce Horses. Like her, I have had no luck.

Our club leader seems to acquire high stat 6/6 horses quite often. After having them a short while, she then sells them and looks for new ones. I'm not sure how she manages not to get attached, but she somehow does!

Felicity bought Kaleidoscope, a 6/6 APH mare, from her at a ridiculously cheap price at end of June. I guess it was inevitable that our club leader would eventually be selling another irresistible horse. As I'm sure you've determined by now, horse #51 is a Welsh Cob. Our club leader wasn't getting any offers on him. When I arrived to take him off her hands, prepared to dish out big bucks, she just gave him to me. Absolutely free! I could hardly believe it. I hope I didn't annoy her with all my thank you's and the running commentary as I rode him for the first time and brainstormed names. XD

Here he is:

Isn't the dramatic sheen to his coat cool? It is way more distinct on brown than was on red dun. Landslide, one of the potential L names waiting on my list, seemed to fit his color and personality perfectly. He will be Slide for short. ;)

Slide's avatar is a winner too. I love his chocolate legs and muzzle. 

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