Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13/14: More Awkward HI2 Screenshots

12/13/14 is an awesome date and a Saturday besides. In its honor, here are some awkward HI2 screenshots. Some wouldn't have come about without Poseidon's flute, so you have him to thank in part.

Er... I like your outfit, Stem Isle rowboat dude
A wild caught mid canter
Getting chummy with a bay Kinsky
 Kiger-tree overlap
Careful, Kaimanawa!
I love it when wilds try to block portals into caves
I think this Mangalara Marchador was spying on the NPC's inside this house
Ghost horse!
Another Kaimanawa that likes to live life on the edge
When Julie fluted this guy, he appeared right on top of the NPC pony. XD
A few seconds later. The pony took the joke well.
Chatting while our horses sniff our kneecaps and a wild waits calmly in the background
Xanadu and a wild admire a levitating sunflower
An Abaco testing the water
Ah, pine fresh
How did your tail get stuck there?
We still see you...
I think she liked Pepsi
A wild raiding the grape vines
A wild investigating a playground
An unfortunate flute placement
A wild rubbing his rear on a raspberry bush
Snow-Finnhorse overlap
You guys aren't very good at hiding, are you?
It looks like a log has fallen on this poor wild

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