Saturday, December 20, 2014

We'll Have a Blue Christmas

When I visited the humane society horses on Tuesday, this gentle giant refused to be passed by. He was captured and surrendered on the same day I found him, and I was lucky enough to adopt him before anyone else - even with a good 15 minutes or so of debating with myself whether I was going to adopt him or not.

I think it was meant to be. Like Airbrush (yes, Bethany decided to name her new Gypsy Vanner stallion Airbrush), he is a really appropriate horse to bring home in December. Airbrush was supposed to be our only December horse, but just look at this handsome boy! Impressive size, great stats, awesome personality, and gorgeous coloring... wow! Since I was the only sister who didn't yet have a 15th horse, I decided to risk Lily's wrath and take him home anyway. 

At 19.1 hands and 2406 pounds, this Shire is by far the tallest, heaviest horse ever to join our herd. He is even big for a Shire: just 1 inch and 32 pounds short of the Horse Isle 2 maximums. 

Here is his avatar: fitting, though I wish he had white dapples to represent the patchy roaning pattern he has in his profile. Like Icing and Airbrush, he has those starkly white hooves that make him extra fun to ride on snowy terrain.

Lily was not happy when she first heard I'd adopted "another 5/6 livery horse!" (her words), but when she saw him, she gave in. We're hoping that he and Icing, Lily's "exclusive-circle only" Shire mare, end up becoming pals. So far Icing is not on board with the idea. ;^)

I'm not sure what I will name him yet. Since the Gypsy Vanner didn't end up with a particularly Christmasy name, it would be nice if this guy did. So far the best I've come up with is Tinsel, and I'm not sure it's manly enough.

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