Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pepsi's Blue Christmas

Our avatar, PepsiSummer, had a fantastic Christmas aboard Wintergreen, her affectionate Highland Pony stallion. Even though he is mine, all 4 of us sisters took turns at the computer riding him. He seemed like the perfect pony to ride on what was a green Christmas here.

Pepsi started her day by heading out to Snowflake Isle to flute a Christmas wild horse. But before she reached the forest, where she was going to use the flute, she discovered this cutie, a flaxen chestnut Icelandic.
Thanks to the Mongolian mare and those two November 5/6 mares who are still hanging around, Pepsi only had room for one wild. So, back she went to Glacier Isle to auction her off. 

Approximately 10 minutes later, Pepsi traveled to Crystal Isle. There, she quickly found this duo hanging out by a yeti cave.

We had her catch the one on the left first, since it was a Fjord. He didn't turn out to be the fabulous high-stat stallion Felicity was hoping for, but he was pretty cute.
Out of slots once again, Pepsi had to leave the second wild. She returned to Glacier, hastily surrendered the Fjord to the humane society (surrendering instantly frees up a horse slot, while auctioning takes at least 10 minutes), and returned to the yeti cave.

The pinto wild was still there. He was busy working up the nerve to approach the cave while Pepsi was gone. 

He turned out to be another good looking horse with unimpressive stats.

Back they went to Glacier Isle again to auction him off. Wintergreen sure was getting his exercise! While waiting for the auction to end, Pepsi and Wintergreen cantered around Glacier Isle. They found 2 meteorites steaming in the snow!

Next up: Blizzard Isle! There, Pepsi finally used the flute to summon a Christmas wild. It was a brave little Przewalski!

Wintergreen got a few hours of rest after that. Then in the evening, we logged on again. While Pepsi and Wintergreen were just standing around on Glacier Isle (we were petting the new horses so that they will bond faster with Pepsi), a random player rode up and said hi. Pepsi wished her a merry Christmas, and before long they were deep in conversation concerning earth-shattering matters such as favorite colors, Kinskys, birthstones, and polka-dotted jets. It was pretty awesome.

I think Wintergreen may have a crush on BlueOcean's Kinsky mare
Pepsi and Blue headed out to White Isle together to look around for wilds, but they found this first:

Then they discovered this gorgeous Finnhorse wild:
Wow, good thing she didn't have better stats or she wouldn't have left! What a lucky day for meteorites and snowy-terrain wilds!

On the way back to the dock house, Pepsi and Blue decided to explore a yeti cave.
Blue proceeded to walk fearlessly all the way to the back of the cave. Pepsi did not have such success. Try as we might, we could not direct her in the correct path to get there without being scared back to the entrance. Following Blue, she got close once, though.

Blue was starting to turn into an icicle in her short sleeves, so it was time to return to civilization and its warmth.

It's hard to think of a better Christmas present than making a new friend! As it always seems to do on Christmas, the hours flew by way too quickly, our time on HI2 included. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Blue and to Christmas and to go to bed. 


  1. OMG I found an Icelandic that looked identical to yours right by the place you did! Coincidences...

    1. No kidding? Whoa, that is a big coincidence! =) Was yours a mare too?