Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Trifecta

Wow, we are making up for lost time in capturing +6/6 wild horses on HI2! Ever since Murphy was kind enough to grace us with his presence back on 7/11, the tides seem to have turned. We have now found 3 +6/6 wild horses in August!

First Felicity and Gromit found the POA mare on the 12th, 
We still have her. I sure hope we can find her a good home!

then Bethany and Jenga found the Nokota stallion on the 16th,
He's not going anywhere!

and last night Fanta and I found this beauty, an Irish Draught mare!
I fluted her near those two kittens on Windy Pines isle, but naturally she moved so that the kittens weren't in her screenshot. ;^) I admired her avatar for a little bit, but not for that long because that red dot to the north made me nervous! Oh, how lucky Pal would be if it is a +6/6 mare, I thought. Turns out it was not only his lucky day but mine as well! I have wanted a horse with the Best Friend persona ever since I found out it existed!

Here's a closer look:

I think she and Pal, my Irish Draught stallion, will get along great! What a great pair they make!

She and Pepsi look quite lovely together as well.

Earlier in the week, Bethany found an adoptable stallion that could have made it 4 new +6/6 horses in our possession this month. It took major self-control for us to leave him in the H.S. for someone else, let me tell you! It seemed so sad that his owner, who had captured him in the wild and kept him for 498 days, decided not to keep him after all that time! If we didn't already have a Spanish Barb in the herd, my wonderful Fortunado, I don't think we'd have been able to resist him!

He was gone when we checked back later. I wonder who his lucky new owner is?

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