Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bulb Isle Beauty

We spent this week of HI2 on the Leaf Isles, which are home to many adorable wild ponies. Our timing was not great for finding said wild ponies, but Gromit and I did flute one great one on Bulb Isle early on Wednesday morning. Take a look!
A buckskin spotted blanket POA! 8^D
I am a huge fan of appaloosa spotting, so already I was pleased. Then I discovered....
...that she is is +6/6 and +79!!! The problem: she is so little and light: only 11.2 hands and 500 lbs. This is too little to realistically fit PepsiSummer, who is modeled after our mom. (She's not a huge adult, at ~100 lbs and not quite 5ft 4in, but still... in our minds, it's been a stretch with the 600+ lb, 12 handers as it is.)

Of course, all HI2 horse avatars are the same size, so the adult avatars look fine on anything from teensy Shetlands to gigantic Shires. It's been more the principle of the thing to us, and we're still not ready to throw it out the window.
*Sighs* We seem to appeal to the extremes when it comes to POA's. First Julie lucked out and found Xenon, our max height 6/6 POA stallion. The second 6/6 POA, which I find, is minimum height and weight for the breed.

What to do? Bethany suggested we turn PepsiSummer into a kid version of Mom so that we don't have to discriminate against great little ponies. That might be kind of weird, though, since we've had an adult avatar for so long. No, I'm thinking that as hard as it will be for me to do it, we should try to find another home for this pretty POA. I hope it won't be too hard. I'm thinking we'll wait until she reaches 1000 exp so that she can be ridden bareback, then list her in the auctions. It's at times like these that I really wish we had a horse store on our ranch.


  1. Hey, Felicity, check this out! Not sure it changes anything, but according to this link, the POA is exactly the minimum weight of pony that could carry Mom without suffering any ill effects. (20% of 500 lbs is 100 lbs!)

    Of course, just because the pony could comfortably carry her doesn't mean they wouldn't look super awkward. XD


  2. You guys should keep her shes adorable!!! <3