Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our New Nokota

We recently found two overo Nokota stallions on HI2! Better still, one of the two is +6/6! We couldn't believe our good fortune! Truly the +6/6 wild stallion drought is over. Thanks, Murphy!

Can you guess which one of these handsome fellows is the +6/6?

Is it this red roan overo?

or is it this dun overo?



red roan overo! 

Bethany and Jenga lured him with the magic flute on Bend Isle last Sunday, the 16th.

He is a keeper for sure! As much as we love our other two Nokotas, Ravine and Zesty, it will be really fun to have a Nokota in a color other than primitive dun! And with spots besides! Since Bethany and I were the ones who needed our 20th horses to be stallions, and since she has claimed Murphy as hers, this Nokota gets to be mine!

He is our first horse to have this type of pinto avatar, with the white patches from underneath rather than the top. More HI2 pinto avatars seem to be the reverse, with the white on top. Here is Halley to serve as an example:
Unrelated side note: this non-fluted wild (an American White) appeared out of thin air seconds before the screenshot!
I love it when you actually see it happen. =^)
If you're wondering about the other Nokota, the dun overo, he is +4/6 and +39. He was also coincidentally the only blue-eyed horse we found during the entire length of this who-can-find-the-most-blue-eyed-wilds contest in the new club we're in. Obviously, we didn't win, but I'm glad we at least had a horse to enter! I'm thinking we will put him in the humane society rather than auctioning him. As good-looking as he is, I think his odds of being adopted are pretty high.
Thanks, buddy!

In other news, this weekend we went kind of crazy with rump art. It all started with Bethany complimenting one of our club mates on her cool starburst-esque profile art, which she also had on all of her horses' rumps. Then she offered to make rump art similar to hers for us! We were all on board with that and asked for her to create it in rainbow shades. Who doesn't like rainbows, right? I assumed, "oh, cool, we'll put it on a few of our mares that it looks especially nice on." Well, instead, the clubbie ended up convincing us not only to put it on all of the mares (except for Flora, who already had lovely rump art from her previous owner), but all of the stallions as well! (It may not be especially manly, but when the stallions are all owned by girls, why not, right?) Here's what it looks like:
Aw, it suits you really well, Quasar!
Pretty spiffy, huh? 

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