Sunday, November 13, 2016

Still Seeing Spots

Felicity really ought to be writing this post, but I (Bethany) volunteered to write it instead because she needed a break. ;^)

On Thursday night, Felicity and Skyrocket ventured out to that little island within Pitcher Isle. There were no wild horses to be found, so Felicity used the flute by the cranberry bushes to summon one. Remember how Felicity talked about how we have an American Paint Horse in every pinto spotting pattern but frame overo now? Well, I guess the game overheard and decided we were overdue for a frame overo! Since we were on marshy terrain, it couldn't give us a Paint, though. So, it gave us this little guy instead.

Why are you in shadow, buddy?

He's not your textbook frame overo, what with the white extending into his mane and down his forelegs, and only a little white on his face. Way to be unique, Mr. Chincoteague! I don't know which of us will end up claiming him, but I do know for sure that he's a keeper! He's 6/6, his stats add up to a quite respectable +76, and he's our first equine to have the Skeptic persona.

Here is his avatar without that weird shadow:

Since we caught this pony on the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, we may name him something to do with that or the famous song about it. Or we may go with something space-themed, since our first Chincoteague is named after a comet. 

Halley, my 13.2 hand piebald overo mare <3

Speaking of naming horses, Felicity has still not named her new Paint mare. She did finally decide on her tack, though. 

Looking lovely!

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