Friday, November 18, 2016

Heading Downhill

Spring and fall in the Midwest tend to take residents on an exciting roller coaster ride of temperatures. No quiet, gradual transitions for us. Here in Western Michigan, we've had a pretty mild fall overall so far, but as you can see we're in for a dramatic plunge tonight. Goodbye short sleeves and hello sweaters. I fear the sweaters may be here to stay this time. )`: 

As you may have noticed in this month's and last month's screenshots, Pepsi has already transitioned to wearing sweaters in sympathy of Michigan's inevitable descent towards winter. Can you spot the wild horse she caught on Chilly Forest Isle earlier this week?

Good job, dark brown Standardbred. I love it when wilds try to be stealthy. =)

Well, no wonder she hid! She's as antisocial and lazy as they come. XD

It's been a long week. I'm feeling rather antisocial and lazy myself. Time for a good night's sleep, I think. But before I go, I will leave you with two random HI2 bits from this week that I found amusing.

I can tell you one thing: neither of our new horses will be named "The Ugly Breadstick." I wonder what color this horse was? (Hopefully not dun... *Hugs Coppertone*)

My inner first grader gives an enthusiastic high five to whoever came up with this one.

Okay, before this post goes any farther downhill, I'd better get going to bed. You really need to get posting more, sisters, or be prepared for more subpar posts like this. B^D

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