Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bethany on the Loose

We've finally chosen names for the new pintos!

We decided to go with something bread-themed for the Paint mare, since her personality is "Milquetoast." Meet Foccacia.

For the Chincoteague stallion, we ended up torn between two names: Doppler and Galleon. Of all the sky/space/weather-themed names we considered, we thought Doppler (as in Doppler radar and the Doppler effect) suited him best. We also thought Galleon would be a great name for a Chincoteague, since there's a theory that Chincoteague Ponies are descendants of horses that swam to shore after the shipwreck of the Spanish galleon they were on. Because we already have a Galileo and a Galena in the herd, we decided to go for Doppler!

Obviously, we still haven't chosen his tack.

Also worth mentioning is that I, Bethany, have finally done it. Last night, I said goodbye to the two mares that have been hanging around for some time, our 5/6 Freddie and our 6/6 Firefly the Spotted Draft. I put them up for adoption in the livery. As of this morning, both were gone, so I'm hoping that between their good looks, decent stats, and the experience they amassed while staying with us, that they've found good homes! We now have three horse slots open again rather than just one, which is a lot more conducive to wild hunting.

Goodbye, beautiful mares! <3 Best of luck to you both!

Now that we no longer have them with us, what do you bet the next few high-stat horses we catch will all be stallions?

While we're on the topic of beautiful mares, Dasani and I found another one earlier this week:

Gem came up with her name, and I think it's perfect since:
1. she's the color of hot cocoa and even has a "marshmallow" foot
2. we caught her during the Christmas season, when hot cocoa consumption goes way up
3. "Cocoa" could totally be the name of a pretty, popular cheerleader 

We decided to retire her our to Millennium Fields. Per Gem's suggestion, we put some rump art on her first. Sadly, there was no Christmas or chocolate-themed rump art available, so we ended up going with a red and green rose.

My last order of business: check out the two wild horses that Della and I caught last night: 

Both were 1/6 stallions, both had their positive stat in speed, and both had the Explorer personality!

If all that isn't coincidental enough, both also sold to the foreign bidder for $5,300! XD

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  1. Awh Cocoa, I love your rose! <3 Also you are totally correct about hot cocoa consumption going up... it's literally 11pm but now I want a cup... brb XD