Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas on HI2

The day is still young, but now may be the only time we have time to post, so here it goes.

First, we will share with you the screenshots of our Christmas morning flute on Snowflake Isle. Tinsel and I had the honors. It looks like the wild wanted to hide her dappled rump from the camera. XD

A lovely mare! Stats weren't great, though. *sighs* Oh well, maybe next year...

After catching the pretty Budyonny, we returned to Glacier Isle to auction her off. I noticed lots of trash around, a decent indicator that nobody's done much on the isle recently. So, I took Tinsel for a spin around Glacier Isle in search of buried pirate treasures. We found 3 of those and also 3 steaming meteorites! Two of the meteorites landed quite near each other, as you can see:

That's the extent of our HI2 Christmas so far. Only one of our buddies was online (it was 8:30 in the morning our time), and she didn't even respond to our "merry Christmas." I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she never saw it. XD

Christmas Eve was definitely more exciting. Late in the day, one of our buddies spotted a red chestnut sabino wild horse on Harbor Isle. Every time she tried to click on it to capture it, however, the game told her the horse was a figment of her imagination. Lily and Stromboli headed out to investigate, and they couldn't see any wild horse. When our buddy logged out and then back in, the horse had vanished for her too. Bizarre, right? My sisters and I are now referring to it as the phantom horse of Christmas Eve!

Our buddy was standing right by the horse, but it was obviously not there for us!
Most exciting of all was Gem's (totally unprompted, I promise, Lily!) Christmas gift to us! Gem dragged herself out of bed earlier than usual on a non-school day to get the gift to us on Christmas Eve morning! Not only that, but she then rode all the way out to the eastern mountains to get our gift to us! I think that deserves a round of applause!

And here is the gift! Or, rather, gifts!

A +5/6 Mulassier mare! =D She came to us just like this, already decked out in coordinating Christmas-y tack, rump art, and snowy white background. And then there's her adorable reindeer calf companion, Clarice. Going with the Christmas reindeer theme and her golden-orange and white coloring, Gem suggested we name her Vixen. We think it suits her perfectly!

I would rank Mulassiers right up there with Spotted Drafts in terms of most elegant Draft breed. It's about time we added one to the herd, and I'm so glad it's a mare - just look at that beautiful long mane! The white stocking on her cocked hind leg and the little ring of white on the diagonal coronet make us smile too. So cute! Thanks so much for thinking of us, Gem!

Here is Pepsi riding Vixen for the first time. In the tunnels, of all places, but Vixen was cool with it.

That's it for now! Merry Christmas from all of us! 

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