Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Recap

Hi again! Since we had extra time on this day-after-Christmas, I decided to post some real-life pics from Christmas at our house. It was a white one, for the record, even though it was well above freezing and rained in the evening. The snowpack we had from the big dumps of snow earlier in December hung on. And it's still making a valiant effort to hang on, even after temps in the 50's today!

The view of the slush from Mom's bedroom window this morning
Here is our tree on Christmas morning. It had to be in the basement this year to spare it from the whirlwind of destruction that is Nala.

The ones wrapped in brown paper on the right were from Santa

Mom's cutest present

Here are presents Mom got from her mom and sisters. Nothing specifically for us this year, but I dare say we'll have some fun with those plastic horses when Mom's not around. XD 

Worth noting: the fuzzy thing with penguins on it is a pair of pajama pants.
Also, the fox can be microwaved, so he's a heating pad and cuddly stuffed animal all in one!

And here's the haul from Mom's aunt, uncle, and cousin:

- That gift card came in the snowman, which has a ribbon loop on it so it can be an ornament. =)
- The caramel corn is drizzled with a little chocolate. Such a good idea!
- The glass zebra belonged to Mom's grandma - she had it in her room when she was a girl and kept it the rest of her life. Mom's aunt spray painted the base sky blue, got it re-corded so that the light works again, and surprised Mom with it for Christmas. <3

Pretty cool, right?

Mom's going to try a longer light bulb so that the zebra lights more evenly, but for now there's a nice Christmas-y red one in the base. 

To conclude, here are two shots of the four of us and our cousins by the tree in our holiday best. 

Getting the top two rows of us to stand nicely was not easy.
Lots of falls into the tree and attempted face plants later, Mom managed to snap this.

Top row: Amber, me (Bethany), Hailey
Middle row: Autumn, Lily, and Felicity
Bottom row: Julie, Rosa, and Zoe
And one more, this time with the canines:

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