Saturday, December 10, 2016

Living in a Snow Globe

Oh, hello again, winter.

*cues Christmas music*

nice hat, little pagoda

The front yard, complete with holly bush and Christmas decorations.
Those presents may soon be buried if they don't get help!

I guess we can take this down now...

The arctic outdoor conditions give us an excuse to stay indoors and get on the Internet more. We've continued to be good on HI2 and haven't gone falling in love with any more horses. I was productive this morning and finally crafted Ravine his green and blue boots! He's been patiently waiting for them for years! I'd have done it long ago, but the pattern for them was locked in Mr. Bones's hut on Golden Isle, and we've all been too lazy to figure out how to get the key until now. 


I also decked out Doppler in tack! Here he is in the new dog saddle blanket: 

It may be a bit busy for an already wildly spotted horse, but he seems to like it. Since Doppler radar is used in tracking weather, and since we use the expression "raining cats and dogs" when it pours, I thought he'd be as appropriate a pony to put it on as any. 

We also checked out the American Girl website to see if they had added anything noteworthy lately. They have, in fact, added a new historical doll to their lineup. 

Melody Ellison from 1960's Detroit!

Cool, a doll from Michigan at long last! I figured it would be Detroit if it was going to be anywhere in the state. Our biggest city tends to steal all the thunder. But clearly I'm not bitter at all!

I'm not a big fan of 60's fashion, and that hairstyle isn't my taste either, but it's cool that girls will finally have more than one option in African American historical dolls. Addy has been flying solo for quite some time! (Still think I prefer Addy, though.) And check it out, not a stitch of purple or pink in sight! Felicity is quite pleased. 

Melody's dog, Bo, is a cutie, though he looks a little grumpy in this photo.

Mom says that she'd definitely choose Melody over Maryellen, the other fairly recent addition to the "BeForever" line. Gotta say I agree. I - like Felicity - don't care for AG's side bangs.

Hmm, I think Maryellen's Dachshund, Scooter, may have Bo beat in terms of cuteness. 

And finally, here is another addition to American Girl, the WellieWishers. They are a smaller, cheaper line of dolls geared towards younger girls. (They're $60 and 14.5" tall, while American Girl Dolls are $115 and 18" tall.)

Yeah, their outfits do look more like stuff younger girls would choose. I kind of like Willa's outfit (minus the headband) and Camille's dress, though. The name "Camille" is okay, but big thumbs down from me on the other four names. I guess I'm a traditionalist when it comes to names for dolls and prefer the classics. Hopefully the WellieWishers' intended market really likes them? Mom has assured us that she, however, is not enchanted. Therefore we are confident we will not be getting a little sister for Christmas, thank goodness!

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