Sunday, April 23, 2017

3 French Mares

April 21, my birthday, was on a Friday this year, which was awesome. The weather here was not quite as awesome - I'm not sure it even made it to 50 degrees. At least it didn't rain, for once. 7Up was my lucky mount on HI2. Here we are with my birthday flute:
Not bad, but definitely not PepsiSummer-herd-worthy. Maybe someday we'll find a great Norm. To be named Norm. Or Norma. Assuming the filter allows for that.

I think that my sisters and I should have a contest this year to see who flutes the best horse on her birthday. There could even be multiple categories. Might I suggest highest stats, prettiest artwork, and coolest avatar? We could also have a "most similar to the horse on Mom's page-a-day calendar" category, though I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win that one. This gorgeous foal looks nothing like my Norm. XD

Winner of each category could get a premium companion of her choice. Is it a deal, guys?

Remember how Lily recently fluted that wonky 6/6 Selle Francais? Well, guess who I found going to the foreign bidder last week? I was a big softie and bid the piddly $5k or whatever it was to keep her on the game.
Truth be told, she's a nicer Selle than the one we caught. Nicer personality and higher stats, anyway. Let's not tell Mr. Wonky, though.

Ah, one of those not-black horses that has a darker avatar than many black ones. XD
Since we didn't catch her ourselves, and since her stats fall short of the elusive +80 threshold, I reluctantly let her go before I logged out on my birthday. When Bethany checked the livery horses the next morning, she was no longer among them. Hopefully that means she found a good home.

While Bethany was checking out the livery horses, she also noticed this mare:
Just look at that personality stat distribution! *Applauds appreciatively* So visually pleasing!

Bethany also urged me to share this ad that she saw come up:
She almost did go compete in Orbs II after seeing this. =^) Almost.

Finally, here's me posing with the Floppalots from my sleepover in Mom's room on Friday night. (We stayed up late watching a marathon of Expedition Unknown.) Mom's decided to name the bunny Eleanor.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Felicity! <3 What's funny is my sister got a plant yesterday and named him Norman XD If you ever get a Norman craving you can borrow Ex-Man whenever you want :) I'm going to finish my blog post AND letter to you today, promise!! :)

    1. (By Norman craving, I meant Norman Cob... should've clarified that XD)

    2. Thank you, Gem! I think you should sneak a photo of Norman the plant for your blog.

      *Blows a kiss to Ex-Man* Thanks, I may take you up on that! (Hee hee, the wording didn't seem odd to me until you pointed it out.)

      So much for the blog post or letter yesterday. *Sighs* Oh, real life, why must you interfere so?

      Talk to you soon! (With any luck!)