Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lucky Horse and Lucky Leeches

It's official. Let me introduce you to our March horse, Caraway. (She looks like she was sprinkled with a spice, after all.) Here she is in her shamrock-themed tack:

This past Tuesday, Lily and Yetta caught six horses on an expedition to Twin Rivers and Prairie Isles. Read on for the three most interesting ones!

First to be caught was this flaxen chestnut. From first glance, I'd have guessed it was a Belgian.
Not even close! It was a flashy American Saddlebred mare. 
She is just one stat point away from being +6/6, but alas, those stats only add up to +62.  So, no antisocial yet easygoing Saddlebred for our herd. :-( 

Lily got a bit excited for this one, another overo American Paint Horse. (We have all the Paint pinto patterns represented in our herd except for overo.) This one's avatar looks a lot like Misty the Chincoteague Pony, one of our first Millennium Field retirees. =)

Nope, no overo Paint for our herd either. *Sighs*

The last wild horse they caught was this chestnut. Not the most thrilling avatar in the world.
Lily totally stumbled upon this one on her way back to the dock house.
Nor the most beautiful profile artwork either. (The hind legs on Selles look awkward to me, as does the oddly long-toed right fore hoof...)
Nevertheless, he is our first +6/6 wild horse of 2017. He also happens to have charming markings, a pleasant smattering of golden dapples, and a personality stat distribution that makes a cool (albeit tilted) X. Lily's not sure she wants to keep him, though, since his stats only add up to +69. Unless we catch another horse with superior stats this month or find him another home, I'm guessing he'll be sticking around in all his wonky glory. XD

Two other horses from this week also deserve to be mentioned. The first is a livery horse I was tempted by yesterday:
Wow, what a horse! If we'd captured her instead of the wonky Selle, I don't think even Lily would've been able to say no. (The color and markings are eerily similar, aren't they?) I resisted her, though, since her stats only add up to +72. I hope somebody gave her a good home!

And the final horse was my flute from yesterday while I was riding Toasty:
Our first Irish Cob!
Drat, only 2/6 stats. All the same, she is definitely special enough to be retired to our Millennium Fields! Name suggestions, anyone?

Now I am going to switch the subject to... sports. Unprecedented, I know. Mom, my sisters, and I do not generally follow ball sports, nor do we enjoy playing them. Mom has, however, participated (reluctantly and unenthusiastically, but participated) in her extended family's NCAA men's basketball "March Madness" bracket pool every year in recent memory. Each family member gets to create two brackets, which resulted in 38 total brackets in the pool this year. 

This year, somehow, someway, one of Mom's brackets ended up winning the pool! Wow, go UNC Tarheels! Mom picked them because she likes their uniforms (light blue and white) and their mascot, Rameses the ram. Here is proof of her triumph.

Her bracket names, in case you were wondering, come from creatures in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. (She thought they would make amusing mascots for basketball teams.) Lachrymose leeches are fictitious leeches from Lake Lachrymose that will eat swimmers and boaters on the lake, but only if someone in/on the water has had something to eat recently. The Incredibly Deadly Viper is a fictitious species of snake that looks scary (big and black with green eyes) but is actually one of the friendliest, least deadly of animals.

Oh, the irony. At the next family gathering, there will be the ceremonial passing of the trophy (Hoops, a beanie baby bear holding a basketball) from last year's winner to Mom. 

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time Mom's had the trophy. She also won in 2011 when the UConn Huskies were champs... but only because nobody else in the family pool had picked them. This time her bracket beat out 6 others who also had predicted the UNC Tarheels as champs. Talk about dumb luck. XD

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