Monday, April 17, 2017

Post-Easter Post

Nothing all that exciting has happened on HI2 for us lately. I did happen upon a really nice Cleveland Bay in the auction house on Saturday, though. I thought he ought to get a second chance at staying in the game, so when nobody but the foreign bidder had bid with less than a minute left in the auction, I bid.

Such a stately horse with the personality to match! At +68 and only two stat points away from being 6/6, I think he has a decent shot at being adopted. Before I dropped him off in the livery, I rode him around Narrowed Isle for a little bit to check out his avatar.
Yep, he looks about how I expected. :^)
Good luck, big guy!

My flute today (the day after Easter) was a pretty nice mare too.
Hee hee. I love Fort's hooves.

Another proud-looking horse with an interesting persona. Drat that conformation stat!

Mom took some photos of us in our Easter dresses on Saturday. (It was warm - in the 70's! - and dry out, and she knew she wouldn't have much spare time on Easter itself.) We hadn't anticipated how windy it would be, though, so it was a brief photo shoot. Our hair was blowing everywhere, Mom's hair was blowing everywhere, and it was super sunny, which did not make for the world's best photos. We mostly stayed in the shadow of the house, where the lighting was less harsh and it was marginally less windy.

Here's Bethany lounging in the shade of an oak.

Here's Lily walking through the myrtle. Behind her on the right is the backyard's "mossy expanse," a carpet of moss that thrives in the shadow of the house.

Here's Felicity on the the edge of the incredibly soft "mossy expanse." Note the purple flower to her left. <3

And finally, here I am on the brick patio. The glaring sun makes for an interesting background. x^)

We mutually agreed to retreat to a comfy chair in the sunroom for our group shot.

Easter itself was pretty low key for us dolls, but it was a huge day for a certain stuffed elephant.

It wouldn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out which Easter basket is Mom's.
Ha ha, Nala's cucumber made it into the photo.
Speaking of Nala, the chocolate bunnies in gold foil you see in Mom and her sister's baskets?
This is the same size and type of bunny that Nala consumed a few months ago.
Mom's little sisters got cash in their baskets along with the candy... and Mom gets a stuffed rabbit. Yep, that sounds about right. XD 

Mom may have dropped the hint once or twice that this is what she wanted for Easter. And the Floppalot bunny from eBay did not disappoint. As you can see, she's (because clearly she's a she, right?) been well taken care of. In fact, she has much fluffier stuffing than Norbert, which means Norbert still easily wins the floppiest stuffed animal prize. Here she is from the back, so you can see her impressive yarn tail:

Here she and Norbert are meeting each other for the first time. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. <3

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