Monday, January 21, 2013

All the Pretty Little Horses

Part of what makes horses so cool is that they come in such a huge range of coat colors, patterns, and white markings. We found a highly entertaining horse coat color generator where you can not only learn about horse coat color genetics but also fiddle around with the alleles to see what they do. 

We started out by making our own horses:
Allegro - wild bay
Dune - pearl 
(she's really a chestnut, but this looks more like her than the generator's one shade of chestnut)
Talia - seal brown spotted blanket appaloosa
Sunlight - palomino

And then we each came up with our own fancy pinto:

Julie's creation:
silver dapple pearl minimal splash white
Bethany's creation:
dunskin overo
Felicity's creation:
strawberry roan sabino
my (Lily's) creation:
sooty gold champagne tobiano
Pretty cool, huh?

Click here to go to the site to check it out for yourself. You really should! It's super fun. 

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