Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh yeah, it's 2013! I'm the first to post. Mwaah haa haa! We had quite the New Year's Eve bash last night with our cousins. You wouldn't believe how much sparkling juice we managed to put away!

I find the end of the year/start of the new year bittersweet every time it rolls around. This song expresses my mood today pretty well.

"Take it all down
Christmas is over
Do not despair but rather be glad
We had a good year. Now let's have another
Remembering all the good times that we had
Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas it makes way for spring"

-lyrics from "Boxing Day", a song on Relient K's Let It Snow, Baby... Let It Reindeer CD

It's a major let down that the holiday season will be over after today, I won't lie. I'm not particularly looking forward to the 3 long months of Michigan winter still ahead, nor am I excited to go back to school. But, there is something refreshing about starting a new calendar year, and I am determined not to mope. Okay, got to go. We're going to start a 4-player eventing competition on Mom's PS2 game, Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge. Go Team USA!

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