Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Michigan weather roller coaster continues. Last week at this time, we were having the coldest stretch of weather we've had in years. Highs struggled into the teens, and salt wouldn't do diddly squat on the snowy, icy roads.

Today, it's 40 degrees on its way into the upper 50's. But don't get used to it: by Thursday, it will be way below freezing and snowy again.

Last night we woke up to lightning and thunder. More rain's supposed to come in later on today. Right now it's super foggy, and the remaining snow is a sloppy white-gray layer of slush. Our backyard's looking a bit like the Forbidden Forest outside of Hogwarts at the moment, but soon it will probably look more like a swamp. Good thing we don't live near any bodies of water, or we could really be in trouble.

Oh wait, I guess we sort-of do if you broaden your perspective. Lake Michigan is a big culprit when it comes to explaining our wacky weather patterns. Thanks for keeping things interesting, big guy.

Lake effect
It's too bad we are home schooled and therefore don't get days off of school due to weather. Mom's sister has already had 2 days off and a 2-hr delay day in the past 2 weeks. But I'm not bitter or anything.

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