Saturday, May 31, 2014

Onyx and Uno

We have two new additions to our herd. That means we have collected a grand total of 7 horses for the month of May. This breaks our previous record of 5. Since we didn't catch any keepers last May and since 3 of our 7 are 6/6 wilds that we caught ourselves, we'll let it slide that we added so many this May.

Here is the list of how many horses we've collected each month for anybody who's curious. I keep a detailed spreadsheet of all of our horses' information because I'm awesome like that. XD

03/13: 2
04/13: 2
05/13: 0
06/13: 1
07/13: 0
08/13: 2
09/13: 4
10/13: 5
11/13: 4
12/13: 4
01/14: 3
02/14: 2
03/14: 4
04/14: 5
05/14: 7

From now on, we will do our best to limit our additions to 1 horse per month. We may still make exceptions (for example, if we catch multiple 6/6 wilds in one month), but our livery and auction impulse buys need to stop or our whole ranch will end up covered with barns. XD

That being said, here are our new stallions. <3

The first is a big 16.2 hand solid black Noriker. He was created with a super horse token. A few days later, he was put up for auction. I happened to notice him when 8 minutes remained, and only the foreign bidder had placed a bid. Since it's not every day you see a 6/6 horse going for only $22,000 in the auctions, I went to peruse the livery horses to kill a few minutes and then returned to check on him. Still no bids from real players. With less than a minute left, I finally broke down and placed a bid. Solid black, +78, explorer personality... it seems crazy that no one else was interested. I guess nobody who likes solid-colored Norikers came looking during those 10 minutes.

I think Friesian horses are beautiful in real life, but I'm not impressed with how they look on HI2. This is the perfect compromise - I get my big black horse without the unimpressive artwork.

I've decided to name him Onyx because his coat looks as smooth and polished as black onyx. He came with the name Diablo, but I didn't think that suited him well at all. He's Austrian, not Spanish, and his personality is not at all devilish.

Diablo is our 3rd black equine. We now have a black horse, pony, and draft horse. =)

Onyx the Noriker - dark brown hooves
Nightshade the American Mustang - brown hooves
December the Fell Pony - black hooves

Our second new stallion is a livery find. I (Bethany talking now, in case you didn't notice the text color change) found him, surprise surprise. He's our first solid bay horse, believe it or not.

He has no negative stats, he's +72, and he has the "My Buddy" personality. We weren't likely to ever find such a great Criollo on our own, as rarely as we find jungle-dwelling wilds.

Not quite tall enough to be a horse. That's okay, buddy.
He looks a bit sleepy, but he's not lazy. :)
We have named him Uno because he has one white foot and because his breed, the Criollo, is from a Spanish-speaking region of the world. Here he is in avatar form:

What a handsome shade of bay!

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