Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meet Infrared

We've finally found a stallion, and so far we've resisted keeping any more mares. Before I get to that, I thought I'd share a few amusing NPC conversation snippets from our recent quests:

Apparently, Pepsi finds the Smurls as annoying as Felicity does. XD
Charades with a very smart kitty.
It took me a good couple of minutes upon arriving on Lance to realize that this "MrsMystery" I needed to talk to for a quest was feline.
My favorite line: "Plus you can always just sit on the turtle."

Pepsi's such a tree hugger.
I want a furbur. =)

And finally, here is my new horse, Infrared.

He has the same tobiano spotting pattern as Felicity's Equinox.

Oh well, maybe we'll say they are brothers or something. They still are very different otherwise.

Because of his duplicate spots and his 4/6 positive stats, I passed him by the first time I saw him in the livery. But then when he was still there waiting the next day, I decided it was meant to be. He does have a winning personality, after all. And my sisters and I have been waiting and waiting for a reddish stallion to name Infrared. Welcome to the herd, buddy. <3

His avatar looks chestnut tobiano. =) 

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