Saturday, May 3, 2014


On Horse Isle 2, we've been roaming the remote jungle isles quite a bit lately for some of the longer Plains Isle quests. Jungle terrain is not my favorite to traverse because those trees make for killer lag. We run into trees, temples, bamboo, and totem poles on a regular basis, but unfortunately we rarely stumble upon wilds. We have concluded that there just aren't many wilds to be found on the jungle isles... or else they hide really well under those expansive treetops. Oddly enough, we find adventure gear way more often than wilds. Maybe all of those forgetful geriatric travelers are scaring away the horses. ;^) 

It was last Saturday that Zephyr and I came upon one of these rare jungle wilds on Green Isle. I was hoping it'd be a stellar stallion.

That's a very white tail you have there, wild.
Ah, a tobiano. That explains it. 
But no, it's yet another mare. XD When it rains, it pours. 

That white tail is pretty endearing. She has 5/6 positive stats, and she's by far the nicest horse we've ever been able to catch on jungle terrain. So... yeah, she stays. *Sighs* Now we have to find 4 stallions to even the gender ratio. 

I'm not sure which one of us will get to keep her yet, but I have named her Quickstep. Mom pulled up  a YouTube video of a Paso Fino going through its special gaits for us to watch, and talk about short, quick steps! Despite looking a bit odd, those steps make for an incredibly smooth ride. PepsiSummer will appreciate that, I'm sure.

Here is one more look at Quickstep - this time under saddle. We have given her green equipment, of course. 

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