Saturday, April 26, 2014


Guess who found our second ever 6/6 mare among the adoptable horses in the livery? =D She's +94 and has a fun personality label, which made her irresistible to me. Her capturer is a player named Hippie, so I thought it was only right to name her "Groovy."

My, what a tall stocking you have!

By deciding to adopt Groovy, I also finally decided not to keep Marshmallow, which is what we named the stubborn, lazy Camargue stallion we've been holding on to. Marshmallow is enjoying his slow-paced, carefree life as a retiree in our ranch's Millennium Fields. 

Doesn't he look happy?
In case you missed it, that's Groovy who PepsiSummer is riding. I love her strawberry roan avatar! What a find she was!

This is a first: thanks to Melancholy, Rosetta, and Groovy, the mare headcount in our herd has exceeded the stallion headcount by 3! Usually we don't have to expend much effort at all to find nice stallions, while the nice mares elude us. How strange!

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