Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Wild Hunting

Last night and this morning, the random world event on HI2 was a 50% increase in the number of wild horses roaming around HI2. We decided to take full advantage of it and set out on some solo wild hunting expeditions. 

First up: the Marshy Isles. Arion and I didn't have all that much luck at first. Then we arrived on Pitcher Isle and hit the jackpot. Waiting for us in full view when we popped out of the dock house was this guy.  

Hi, Mr. Camargue.

He reminds me of Mistral, Lily's lazy 6/6 gray Camargue stallion. Mom's sister/our aunt thinks he's cute and that one of us ought to keep him, but we're not so sure. XD Yeah, sure he's cute, but it's hard to get past that skittish, stubborn, and lazy personality. 

After the Camargue, we also found 4 other wilds on Pitcher Isle! On that little isle in the center, we found 2 Kerry Bog Ponies and a Connemara. This bay Kerry Bog Pony, true to his breed name, was standing in a patch of bog. :)

The 5th marshy-terrain wild I found was a sooty palomino Florida Cracker. My sisters really think we should get a Florida Cracker mare eventually. I am not overly impressed with them myself, but they like their long manes and the fact that they come from Florida. (We are all a bit partial to American breeds.) This mare was not the one, unfortunately - her personality was great, but she had very disappointing stats. 

Arion was pleased to pose with this beauty.
She'd have gone to our Millennium Fields if we didn't already have a few sooty palominos there.
This morning, Lily went mining in the eastern mountains. She didn't find a single wild while she was there, but she did get a decent haul of gems. She let me take over once she'd ridden as far back as Prairie Isle. Shady and I lucked out and had the isle to ourselves for most of our wild search. We found 4 wilds, and again, the first of the bunch had the best stats. This time, it was an American Cream Draft.

Ooh, gold champagne! How classy.

I love everything about this mare except for that pessimistic personality. Unsurprisingly, our aunt wants us to keep her too. 

And there's also this handsome stallion with lousy stats. Our aunt wants us to keep him too. Shocker.

Neat! Chestnut tail, white mane. I know exactly what I'd name him too.

Aw, sidekick. <3
So, who should we keep? The lazy/skittish/stubborn Camargue? Mistral already seems to like him, but then he likes almost everybody. The pretty yet Eeyore-like American Cream Draft? We don't have any champagne horses, but it's not like she's expecting us to keep her or anything. ;) The handsome sidekick Argentine Polo Pony with a fun avatar but horrendous stats? We so rarely compete anyway, and we have plenty of other choices should we ever get into it. Should all 3 just go to Millennium Fields so that they don't take up slots but will still always be around to visit? 

We're so torn. For now all 3 will stick around until we decide.

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