Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Winter weather hung on for a ridiculously long time this year. It snowed last Tuesday, April 15th, for crying out loud! Even with Easter being as late as it is this year, we were expecting it to be cold and dreary. To our delight, it was not.

We couldn't have asked for better weather, really - a high of 73, mostly sunny, and a gentle breeze. Mom and the rest of the humans spent most of the day at church and their relatives' house, so we had the run of the place today. We hunted for Easter eggs, took a long ride on the horses, and then hung out in the backyard for hours afterwards. It was spectacular!

Here is a photo of us in our Easter finest before we changed to go outside.

Pretty in pink and purple this year. =)

And here is Mom's Easter basket the way it looked when she found it this morning.

We'll help her eat her candy. The Easter bunny sure knows what's good! 
Cutest of all is Mom's stuffed lamb. <3 She's as soft as she looks.

Happy Easter, everyone! We will leave you with this little gem we found on Facebook. ;^)

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