Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blue Roan Beauty

It's a new month, which means it was technically okay for me to be looking for my next horse. You see, my sisters all already have at least 4 stallions and 4 mares, while I was still waiting for the perfect mare #4 to come along. She came along today, or rather I found her. 

If you go into the livery and bring up the list of adoptable horses, they are listed alphabetically by breed. Any available Abaco Barbs are always first, and therefore people tend to view them a lot. Consequently, the ones that have stayed there long enough for me to see them have always had not-so-great stats. It's a bummer, because I really like the breed on HI2.

This morning was different! Read on for the whole story.

I got up and logged on this morning around 8:00. Lily logged out from Harbor Isle yesterday, so that's where I had to start from. There weren't any wilds on it at the time, but I did find a 12k pirate treasure. Anyway, I went back through the reef to Narrowed and then rode to the livery to surrender one of the 3 wilds Lily found on Harbor yesterday, a 4/6 dark bay Morab stallion. (As we've said, Harbor Isle is a Morab hot spot!) I then went to look to see if he was appearing yet among the adoptable horses. 

I never made it far enough down the list to find out about the Morab because the 3 blue roan Abaco Barb mares at the top of the list caught my full attention. Well, that's odd, I thought. Of course I wanted to view them. The first one had 6/6 stats and a 10 in bravery. Paranoid about losing her because she was first on the list, I clicked the adopt button before going to look at the others. I should've waited, because it turns out that all 3 mares were very similar: all unique personality, no negative stats, and no markings. The second mare's stats were not as high as the one I'd just adopted, but I liked her personality better, so I adopted her too.

Here are the 3 mares, if you are curious:

Super #1: my impulse buy

Super #2: the one I'm keeping :)

Super #3: the one I passed over
As their names indicate, all 3 horses were super horses (created from super horse tokens). They were all created and then surrendered by the same player, I believe, though I never took a look at #3's history. I'm guessing the player really wanted an amazing, markingless blue roan Abaco Barb mare, and that it took at least 4 tokens for him/her to get the one that was just right. It sure was generous for him/her to surrender the extras to the H.A.!

Super #2 is staying - she is mine for keeps. I'll see if I can find anyone to give Super #1 to. If not, she'll go back to the H.A. for some other lucky player to find.

(Update 4/6/14: We gave Super #1 to our buddy SpiritedRain. Wouldn't you know it, she happened to mention that she was looking for a blue roan Grade Pony or Abaco Barb. She also has an Abaco Barb stallion, and the two will be buddies, I bet. How perfect!)

Here is another look at Super #2 without her tail swishing. I've named her Cascade. I was thinking about cascading waterfalls when I picked it, not the dishwashing detergent, but either way I think it's a cute name for her.

8^) I am so lucky.
So, now I have two blue roan mares: a Newfoundland Pony and an Abaco Barb. Luckily, Vinca the Newfie is a "minimal blue roan," so her avatar is a noticeably darker shade of gray. I hope the two mares end up being good friends!



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