Saturday, May 24, 2014

Post 101

Sorry. I couldn't resist. XD It's fitting, in a way, because we have somehow acquired 3! more horses since Mom's birthday on the 18th, and one of them is even spotted. Our barns are getting so full that we'll need to build a new one soon.

The first new addition is the small but mighty Napoleon. Teddy and Julie found him way out on Bud Isle, the most remote Leaf Isle.

Funny story here. On Friday, Mom heard a random piece of trivia on the radio that she then shared with us: Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of France on May 18, 1804. So, Julie and I were joking about how fun it would be to find a 6/6 pony stallion of some sort on her birthday and name it Napoleon. Julie headed out to the Leaf Isles on the 18th, and lo and behold, it actually happened! We could hardly believe it.

If you look closely and tilt the screen just right, you can see faint dapples on his rear.
Yep, he does indeed have faint dapples. :)
Okay, so his persona is not exactly Napoleon-like. We'll overlook that minor detail. ;)
Julie's going to keep Napoleon, since she found him and really likes Welshies. Here's one more look at him:

Our second new addition is another pony... And another mare. They won't stop flocking to us now... 
She is Equinox approved. <3

She has +110 gene stats for her breed, which makes her the best horse stat-wise we have ever caught. (And for the record, it was me who caught her.) But... if she looks familiar, you'd be right.

Back in January, we caught - you guessed it - a 6/6 white gray New Forest Pony mare, Jessamine. Here's a flashback to that happy day:
Lily and Zephyr found and caught Jess easily
Jessamine is 1.5 hands taller
Both mares have bald faces and 1 marking-less leg. Good thing it's not the same leg!
It seems rather excessive to keep two mares with identical avatars, but I can't see us parting with either one. Lily says there's no way she'd exchange Jessamine for the new mare, and I refuse to let us pass over the highest stat equine we've ever captured. 

Here's my reasoning. First off, I highly doubt we'll be finding any wilds with stats better than +110 anytime soon. It could very well never happen again. Second, I don't think the NFP is very popular on HI2, which could make it hard for her to find a permanent owner (if not Pepsi). It makes me sad to think of her being passed around the way Equinox was for so long. Finally, I think it would be fun to have one set of look-alikes to keep things interesting. As long as we have room to keep both, why not?  

And for our 3rd new horse...

[insert drumroll here]

A Nez Perce! As I have said before, I have admired the Nez Perce ever since it was introduced to the game. Unfortunately, we have had no luck finding any nice ones in the wild or in the livery, and we refuse to spend our hard-earned money on the kick-butt, expensive ranch store ones. 

It was shortly after Equinox and I had found the NFP that our buddy PintoMustang came online. She had recently acquired two striking Nez Perces. The first was Aspen, a perlino snowflake mare she had adopted from the humane society. When Pinto later was attempting to surrender some other horse to the h.s., she accidentally surrendered Aspen instead. Someone adopted her before Pinto could re-adopt her. Luckily, 4 days later, Pinto located Aspen at a ranch store and bought her back.

As happy as Pinto was to have Aspen back, it appears she was even happier with the second Nez Perce she found, a 6/6 leopard appaloosa named Calypso. Pinto offered me Aspen, since she knows how much I've been pining for a Nez Perce. How could I say no? Her coloring is amazing! Out of all the appaloosa spotting patterns, snowflake is my favorite, and on perlino besides... Wow! 

So, off we both travelled to the Narrowton livery to perform the quick-as-possible exchange. As with Skyrocket, it worked like a charm! Aspen is now all mine. Unless, of course, Pinto ever decides she wants her back. ;)

So detailed! Her hooves even have stripes like real appys.
Interesting. Her personality is almost a forward slash on the chart.
=D This may be my favorite avatar ever!
Whew, that's all for now. The outdoors are calling. The weather out there couldn't be more perfect! Oh, how I love sunny spring days. =^)

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