Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AG's New Clothes - Spring 2014

Hello, everyone. In this post, my sisters and I will take turns introducing AG's new spring/summer outfits and telling you what we think of them. Enjoy!

Double-Bow Dress: $30
This is my clear favorite of all of the new outfits... though this isn't saying much, since I am not even tempted by any of the rest of them. This robin's egg blue color would look great on any doll, especially those with blue eyes like me (and this random brunette ;^)). I would've preferred not to have the ruching on the top of the dress. It looks like it may gap a bit up there, and this would annoy me big time if I was the one wearing it. Overall, the dress strikes me as more simple than most of AG's dresses. I would've liked to see a a bit of pattern, sparkle, or variation in color, but at least there's shine in the ribbon and headband to make it more interesting. 

Pretty Pink Dress: $28
Sorry, but this one gets a thumbs down from me. I'm not a fan of the drop waist style for starters - it makes the doll look like she has an abnormally long torso. It almost looks like the doll tried to put on a tutu that was too small for her and ended up stretching out the top part. And come on... LOVE? Blinged out crown and rose? *Sighs* I suppose this number will be popular with the younger AG crowd, but no way would I ever put it on.

Happy Birthday Outfit: $24
I like the style of this outfit, and the shoes are adorable. It would be kind of fun to have a special outfit each of us wore on our birthdays. But, it wouldn't be all that practical for Lily's October birthday (maybe with a sweater and tights?), and Felicity isn't a big fan of the pink. It's probably not worth buying it since both the skirt ("Happy Birthday" is in the pattern) and shirt could only be worn 4 days of the year... 

Heart Tank and Brief Set: $12
Heart underwear? XD Why did I get stuck critiquing this? Not my style, but as far as heart patterns go, this one is definitely more socially acceptable than the stereotypical cartoon underwear pattern (big red hearts on a white background). I suppose in multiple doll households, it could double as a swimming suit. The tank might also look nice when it's layered with a sweater or something.

Pink Tank and Brief Set: $12
Eh, if I had to choose, I'd go for the heart undies before these. I'm not a fan of the gathering in the middle of the top. I'll be frank: we dolls don't have boobs, and let's not try to suggest we do, please. The heart detail is pretty, though, and these do look comfy for sleeping in on a hot summer night.

Rainy Day Set: $58

Aw, how cute! Matching raincoat, rain boots, and a little umbrella. It would only be a costume for my sisters and me, though, since we never actually go outside in the rain. (Even with rain gear, the risk of us accidentally getting wet would be too high for Mom to allow it.) I'd like the rain boots better if they had polka dots too instead of those silly white bows. 

Floral Swim Outfit: $30
Ooh, a swimming suit that comes with a cover-up! This is another outfit that would only be a costume for us, since we can't go swimming. I think the ruffle at along the top of the suit looks a bit awkward, but otherwise I like it, especially the colorful floral pattern. The cover-up and flip-flops look comfy, but I'd have chosen a color besides pink to please all of us less girly dolls. (When the suit also has yellow, orange, lime, and aqua flowers, why must these be pink?)

Swim Gear: $32
This stuff is all so cute! With these, girls can pretend their dolls are on aquatic adventures: perhaps snorkeling in a coral reef or swimming with dolphins. Mom's beyond that kind of playing now, though, so we'd only ever actually use the towel and the bag. :^)

Tennis Outfit: $38
No, Winter, we're not buying this just so you can have the tennis ball. I don't play tennis, but if I did this outfit would be acceptable. I've always thought it was a bit odd that female tennis players still wear short little skirts (or are they skorts?) like this, though. Why not switch to shorts?

Julie's Dance Set: $64
I'm sure this outfit was groovy in the 70's, but to me it doesn't have that timeless appeal that some of AG's historical outfits do. I'd be afraid to sit down in that dress! And wow, talk about a loud pattern! That disco ball would be fun to dance under. We have a human-size one installed in the basement already, though, so we're covered should we ever decide to have a "Groovy Disco Dance Night" of our own. =)

Kaya's Jingle Dress of Today: $64
Sure, why not offer Kaya dolls a modern, colorful Native American dress? Good idea, AG. If it wasn't so awkward to sit astride a horse while wearing a dress and if it wasn't so expensive, I'd consider getting it as a Halloween costume (Talia, my Appaloosa, would be part of my costume). Of course, if it had been up to me, I'd have chosen aqua or yellow to be the primary color of the dress rather than pink. 

Kit's Candy-Making Set: $64
I bet lots of girls would love to get this set for Easter, though it is quite pricey. The"chocolate bunnies" are very cute, and they really do fit in the silver mold. I like everything about Kit's outfit except for that strip of fabric down the front of the dress that interrupts the ruffles. I assume it was a fashionable style in the 30's, but to me it just looks odd. It also seems rather odd that Kit's family would be able to afford such a fancy-looking dress for Kit in the midst of the Great Depression.

Rebecca's School Play Set: $64
The color scheme of this costume is a refreshing change of pace from all the pink we've seen today, and I think the wings are pretty cool. I like the pattern on the shiny fabric of the dress. The style of the dress isn't my favorite, but it works great as the body of a butterfly.

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