Sunday, March 9, 2014


I will never hear the end of this from Bethany, but...

I, Lily, the one who's always urging my sisters to resist collecting every nice HI2 horse they come across, bought a pony in the auctions. An olive dun Highland stallion, to be more specific. 

There he was, waiting to be bid on, and nobody wanted him but the computer-generated foreign bidder. He was a cool shade of dun called olive grullo, he had 5/6 positive stats, and his personality was one of the best out there, "affectionate." Not only that, but he had a long history dating back several years. Only eight minutes to go and he would disappear to the foreign isles, never to return. I rode Cider over to the BBB in the library to check out what the Highland's avatar would look like. It was cute. It would have to be cute. It was like a magnet drew me back to the livery. Two minutes to go, and still no bids from real players. I placed a low bid on him and rode away before any of my sisters could look over my shoulder and see what I was doing.

The message that I'd won the auction for him came through, and I'll admit I was pleased. I told myself I should save myself the embarrassment of having to admit I'd gone all soft and gooey about pixel ponies: I should surrender him to the humane society before I got any more attached. 

Instead, I looked up names and tried out different colored tack on him. *Sighs* He's staying. Bring on the smug grins. 

Well, here he is. My 8th HI2 equine, Wintergreen. *pats the pony sheepishly* 

$5500 well spent.
He wouldn't have any white leg markings even if his breed allowed them. XD 
Chocolate legs and mint green halter. He's making me hungry. =P