Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Braving the Flower Maze

Ah, the flower maze. Cheerful and benign-looking compared to the dark, twisting tunnels of the mountain isles, perhaps, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. As we've mentioned before, Shady and Julie got hopelessly lost inside it one fateful day when they were trying to reach a wild through the western entrance. We were beginning to think we'd have to *shudder* ask somebody to help us get out. 

Since then, we've largely avoided the maze, only venturing in when a quest required it. Until today...

We have just started doing the Plains Isle-based quests, and the first on our list was to get a teddy bear from the Flower Isle lighthouse keeper. I picked up the teddy bear and then proceeded to ride Brio around the perimeter of the maze to look for pirate treasures and anything harvestable. I didn't find any pirate treasures, but I did find him:

So close, yet so far
Try as I might to squeeze us close enough to catch the wild pony, he remained just out of reach. I am convinced he was taunting us, probably double-dog-daring Brio to come and get him.

We accepted his challenge. This time, things would be different. This time, we were not taking any chances. This time, one very smug pony would be ours.

I looked up a map of the maze on EsrohLegends.com and studied it with furrowed brow. I then rode Brio to the eastern maze entrance and headed in. As I rode, I carefully left a trail of magnifying glass search circles behind me (sort of like breadcrumbs) so that we could easily retrace our steps. 

We're coming for you, pony!
It wasn't easy to find our way to the pony, but thanks to the detailed map (it includes everything, right down to the ores and mushrooms), we eventually succeeded. 

Found you!
What a lot of work for one pony! But so worth it. XD Here he is:

How fitting: his personality is Wall-Flower
Decent stats and a great personality. Not bad at all. I plan to surrender him to the humane society to give other players a nice long chance to adopt him. 

After all that, it was a cakewalk to follow the circle trail back out to freedom. Ha! Take that, flower maze!

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