Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Long-Awaited New Pals

We are such huge suckers for other people's discarded 5/6 horses on Horse Isle 2. ^_^

After Lily found Wintergreen in the auctions in early March, we mutually agreed not to adopt any more horses until at least April. So much for that...

On Thursday, the first day of spring, I spotted a 5/6 pinto Tennessee Walking Horse with an awesome personality in the H.S. In all of our time on HI2, we have never seen such a great Tennessee Walker there. Like I could ever resist him!

Like Bethany's 5/6 Missouri Fox Trotter, Quasar, this Walker is the minimum height for his breed. He's technically a pony at 14.1 hands, and his small size may partly explain why he's changed hands so many times. Our avatar, PepsiSummer, is his 8th owner since he was first captured in February of 2011. 

As you can see, he came with the name "Arya." Nah, too feminine. None of his other former names seemed right for him either. They include "theMasterpiece," "theShot," "Brit," "Shot Heard Round the World," "Commodore," "Shot,""Candy's Rose," "Nutmeg," and "Picture This." What an odd combination of snooty, girly, and war-themed names he's had! I think it's high time for something more middle-ground. Since I found him on March 20, the spring equinox, he will henceforth be known as Equinox.

It amuses me that a horse as brave as Equinox can be assigned the Wall-Flower personality. Apparently, he's a bit like Harry Potter: brave in life-or-death situations but not nearly so confident when it comes to things like girls and social events. XD

Here is his avatar. =) You can't tell he's a red roan rather than a palomino because of his pinto spots. Oh well! He's handsome anyway.

Equinox meets his first wild with Pepsi aboard
The first time I took Equinox for a spin somewhere besides our ranch isle, we visited the Tiger Isles. Even though this steel gray Criollo mare looks impressive walking on water like that, she ended up only having 3/6 stats. XD

I, Lily, am the one who found the second horse. My excuse: it's a Salernitano, and I've wanted one ever since we started playing the game. Here she is!

<3 <3 <3

Unlike Equinox, this mare had only one owner before PepsiSummer. She was captured by her former owner last July, so she's not nearly as old either. Beautiful, tall, two stat points away from being 6/6, cool personality... She has so much going for her. Do you see now why I couldn't pass her up?

Of course it would have to be one of those days where the "special event" was an increased horse adoption fee from $20,000 to $30,000. (Maybe that's why she was there long enough for me to spot her... or maybe I just got super lucky.) She was worth every dollar! I'm still deciding on a name, but I know for sure that the name she came with, Smoosh, will not be it! I think she should have something more dignified than that.

Here is her avatar compared to Ophelia's. The two mares are definitely different enough that we won't confuse them in screenshots.

(Wow, this is an old screenshot!)
my Salernitano
When Felicity let me take over after she and Equinox were done for the day, the Sal and I found 2 big pirate treasures just a few strides apart: a 20k and a 18k. What a good way to start to our partnership! 

Well, what can I say? It's impossible to predict when the right horses will come along, and it would be silly to pass them by just because the timing isn't ideal. Sometimes a girl just has to throw her plans out the window and carpe equo. 

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