Saturday, March 1, 2014

Morab Deja Vu

Back on February 8, I visited Harbor Isle and found Umber, a beautiful 6/6 Morab mare. That was lucky enough in itself. 

3 Saturdays later, I rode out to Harbor Isle again - this time aboard Esker instead of Kestrel. Again, one lone wild was roaming the western side of the isle. It just happened to be another Morab mare! What are the odds?

Camera shy. XD
And now for her close ups:

Only 0.4% of wild Morabs have her coat color!
Not the most agile, this one

I could hardly believe it when I saw that she had 5/6 stats and a great personality too! That -21 in agility drags her down to +34 overall, which isn't exactly spectacular. But... so... pretty! If I didn't already have my Umber, I'd have had a really hard time saying no.

Julie was watching me play HI2 this morning, so I offered the mare to her. She jumped at the chance, as I thought she would (the mare looks like a more saturated version of her beloved Fortunado). I'm glad that the mare will be staying on our ranch - in my opinion, her appearance and personality more than make up for that one unimpressive agility stat.

Here's one more look at her avatar:

Hmm, I wonder what Julie will decide to name her?

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