Saturday, October 19, 2013

About Time

Hi! Julie here.

My big news is that I finally caught my first 6/6 wild horse on Horse Isle 2. I'm the last of my sisters to catch one, so I am quite excited about him. Here's the story:

Shady and I had completed a mining expedition in the eastern mountains - both for the usual gems and for some rare metals on Triangle for a quest. We rested up on our ranch afterwards, and as long as we were still on Prairie Isle, I figured we might as well check it for wilds. Somebody else had the same idea about the same time as me, unfortunately. I kept to the east side of the isle while the other player roamed the most likely wild hangouts. No wilds to be found.

So, I started to ride back to the dock. I had Shady pause at the rowboat to Twin Rivers Isle and checked the map of players online: it was currently deserted. Off we sailed to Twin Rivers. No wilds were in the northern grassy oval, so we cantered southwards, staying out of the sequoia forest as much as possible (wilds don't like to hang out in them, plus the lag gets ridiculous in there). Shady and I went to work scouring the much larger meadow. We had found nothing and had decided to head back to the dock when...

There he was!

He was definitely not there the first time I rode by this spot...

All of my searching hadn't been in vain after all. :-)

He's one big boy!
His star is strangely missing from the list of genetic markings...
He's not going to be willing to brave the mountain isles anytime soon, but he sure is talented and social! I'm thinking of calling him Palladium (Pal for short), since palladium was one of the metals Shady and I were looking for on that quest. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, his avatar is similar but not identical to Lily's Flora. 

dark gray, black hooves
New Guy:
brownish tint, brown hooves

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