Friday, October 11, 2013

Felicity's New Newfie

Hi guys. 

Lily and Flora are on a role lately. Last night they found yet ANOTHER 6/6+ equine on HI2! I am beginning to think that that horse really is a magnet for awesome wilds. The biggest news is that this one is a mare!

Screw the unofficial rule that we won't keep any equines less than 13 hands. This little Newfie's breed stats add up to an impressive +104! She is staying, and she is mine. 

Here she is:

Well, hello there
And now for her close up:
She's darker than I expected from her avatar. :)
 It was funny, because I was looking over Lily's shoulder when she caught this pony. And when we looked at the top part of her profile, she said, "I have a feeling about this one, Felicity." And I was like, "scroll down already," thinking, it would figure if this little thing was an epic 6/6. Sure enough...

I'm loving the one stocking and the "star" that looks more like a stripe or blaze to me.
Good thing she's strong. :) I figure if Camargues can carry full-grown adults, and our Camargue is only 698 pounds, this sturdy 927-pound mare shouldn't have any trouble carrying our woman avatar around. She looks big barreled, so theoretically mom (the model for our avatar) wouldn't look ridiculous on her. XD *Lowers unofficial minimum height for keeping virtual equines to 12 hands.*

Oh, and obviously, even though Lily had first dibs on the horse since she caught her, she decided to let me have her. I was standing right there watching the whole time, after all. Thanks, sis!

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