Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lily's Lucky Day... Part 2

Well, believe it or not, just a few hours after catching that 6/6 cremello sabino American Paint Horse, Flora and I happened upon this sneaky guy:

Nice camouflage, buddy, but I still see you
A gray Camargue. I was surprised to find a wild so close to the dock, and on a marshy isle besides. The marshes have been crawling with wild horse hunters since the Kerry Bog Pony was added to the game recently, but either the hype is dying down a bit or I was extra lucky. At any rate, I snatched him up before anybody else arrived. 

Not a bad looking dude. Short and sturdy.
 Cute, but not especially impressive, right? Then I scrolled down...

6/6 Again?!
That's right, Bethany. 6/6 number two for me. All it took was one day and we are tied, sister. :)

Wow, talk about lazy to the extreme personality-wise! Oh well, at least he will be good company for the other horses, as social as he is. He is way too good to pass up, but as I just found my cremello sabino dreamboat, I think I'll offer him to my sisters and see if any of them fall in love. <3

Since his avatar was hiding in that first screenshot, here's one that shows him off better:

Not laying down on the job yet, lol
I guess I picked the ideal time for collecting unusual bugs from pitcher plants (the bugs are an ingredient in crafting Esroh material), because I found 2 more wilds while I was at it. One is a handsome Kerry Bog Pony bound for our millennium fields as soon as we come up with a decent name. The other was another much less impressive Camargue stallion who went to auction.

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